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“We create value for our customers throughout the life cycle of their plant"




Field Services & Service Centers

We strive to engage closely with plant users through an array of value-added field services to achieve prompt response, closer monitoring of the equipment , assistance in corrective & preventive actions developed from a data base of analyzed information by our team of experts.

This approach is instrumental to ensure that the plant is well supported for its needs, at any point in time while maximizing unit uptime, performance & safety.

Welding of Kiln Shell
Coal Bunker RAV and Hopper Dismantling Work
Reconditioning of Heavy Equipment

Our repair centres are sophisticated workshops with facilities available for complex operations of large parts backed-up by global know-how on the latest technologies in this sphere which all put together enable us to provide state-of-the-art quality solutions and components to customers.

From the services we offer, customers benefit from decades of our experience gained in the industry verticals we specialize in.

We provide a large array of advantages with our services:

  • Increase performance
  • Increase lifetime
  • Modernization of the system
  • Automation of existing plants
  • Adapting of existing installations to current safety- and emission control standards
  • Troubleshooting services