Energy Efficient Two Roller Mill

Energy efficient two roller mill equipped with re-absorption limiting (RAL) device allows following advantages when compared to conventional three roller mill.

  • 25% reduction in consumed power.
  • Higher pol extraction.
  • Better moisture control using re-absorption limiting (RAL) device to achieve 48% to 50% moisture.
  • Less mill parts – no third roller, no trash plate: thus less maintenance cost and time.

Salient features

  • Robust heavy-duty design for improved rigidity and stability to handle higher throughput.
  • Individual fine mill setting and speed control on each crushing.
  • Provision to install pressure feeder.
  • Provision in design for higher roller wear allowance.
  • Possibility to accommodate differential roller diameter between top and bottom (by providing bottom roller slightly bigger than top roller, provides differential circumferential speed which helps to open up the cane cells for next crushing).
  • Top and bottom roller axis are near vertical; 100% hydraulic load is directly transferred to bottom roller through single pressure point.
  • Rollers are provided with deep messchaert grooves in bottom roller for better juice drainage.
  • Self-adjusting roller scrappers according to capacity and roller wear.

Product range: mill size from 24“x56” to 55”x110” and any intermediate size.