Digitalisation in Sugar Industry

Technology of sugar manufacturing has transformed progressively over past 100 years from steam engines to hydraulic drives, from open pan boiling to vertical continuous pan, from manual operation to automation. To gain competitive advantage in the global market, factories need to focus on targeting low cost of production and improve product quality.

Most of the factories are presently operating with DCS control system, which captures lot of information from the operating plant - however the information collected is not used extensively. Digitalisation enables use of such data, captured from the plant, effectively by analysing and developing a smart solution, which will add value to the customer by enhancing efficiency, effectiveness and consistency thereby reducing net operating cost and improving product quality.

thyssenkrupp Industries India started a technology centre in India in 2018 for analytics and software engineering combination of expert know-how on sugar technologies and digital competence is a key differentiator offered by thyssenkrupp Industries India.

Digitalization modules like condition monitoring system for cane handling and milling, smart-crystallization AI module for pan boiling, self-learning module for centrifugal station have been introduced to the Industry and are in different stages of implementation.