Continuous Centrifugal Machines

Salient Features

  • Duplex steel separation ring, fabricated out of single piece construction ensures higher strength and life.
  • Specially designed perforations having unique slit with elliptical ends.
  • Auto-feed control system depending on drive motor consumed power ensures uniform loading and quality of sugar. (On demand)
  • Centrifugal machines suitable for (a) discharge of dry sugar, (b) with built-in melting device for preparing melt, (c) with built-in mixing device for preparing magma in machine.
  • Centrally located feed pipe with a steam jacket for heating of low-grade massecuite.
  • Supporting plate provided for mounting of the machine.


  • Adequate large screen area ensures desired capacity throughput and uniform quality of product.
  • Easy curing of massecuite of higher brix, higher crystal content and viscosity.
  • Convenient operation height of machine.
  • Optimized diameter housing minimizes crystal damage.
  • Branch connection in flexible rayon braided hoses pipe for easy of assembly and dismantling.
  • Optimized and evenly distributed vibration damping pads ensures smooth operations of machines.
  • On demand built-in mixing / melting arrangement provided for preparation of uniform quality of Magma / Melt in the machine itself which eliminates the requirement of magma mixer ensuring saving in drive power, installation space and the operational costs.


Product Range – Continuous Centrifugal Machine.

Parameter KC Series TKC Series
  KC 1100 T
KC1100 N
KC1100 M
KC 1500 T
KC1500 N
KC1500 M
TKC 1500 T
TKC 1500 N
TKC 1500 M
Top diameter of basket (mm) 1100 1500 1500
Basket inclination (deg.) 30 30 30
Basket speed (rpm) 2000/1800 1680/1550 1680/1550
Centrifuging effect (g) 2460/1990 2365/2015 2365/2015
Motor rating (kw) 55 110 110
Lubrication Oil mist Grease
T: Dry discharge of Sugar | N: built-in chamber for melt | M: built-in chamber for magma mixing