Stoker fired boilers

thyssenkrupp Industries India covers a wide range of water tube boilers for different applications and with various pressure and temperature parameters. These boilers are most efficient in normal range as well as co-generation systems in biomass and sugar industry. The furnace of high pressure boilers are of membrane design and the operation is fully automated. The boilers have inherent features for high thermal efficiency and trouble-free operation.


  • More than 130 boiler installations in India and across the World.
  • Steam generation capacity: 20TPH and above.
  • Steam pressure: 21 to 145 bar.
  • Steam temperature: 340 to 545 Deg C.
  • Fuel firing system: dumping grate/ travelling grate / pinhole grate.
  • Multifuel firing: biomass / bagasse / coal.

The Spreader Stoker Firing System

Travelling grate


  • The boiler can be operated efficiently on a variety of fuels namely bagasse, wood chips, coal, rice husks etc. and/or with supplementary fuels such as oil gas.
  • Self-tensioning grate with catenary design.
  • The combustion efficiency for this system is far higher than the normal firing system.

Dumping Grate Features

  • Pneumatic spreading with pulsation spreads bagasse uniformly over grate surface.
  • Uniform air distribution causes rapid /intense combustion.
  • Unburnt losses are low.