Falling Film Evaporator

Falling film evaporators allows following advantages when compared to conventional rising film evaporators.

  • Operates at low exhaust pressure and temperature.
  • Operates at smaller (delta) t and higher vapour temp which results in steam saving.
  • Short retention time, minimizing inversion losses and colour formation.
  • Higher heat transfer co-efficient.
  • Less floor space and can be installed in open.(no building required)

Salient Features

  • Gravity flow design.
  • Multi tray cascade design juice distribution system, ensuring uniform wetting of the tubes and formation of film.
  • Hexagonal construction distributor with bolting arrangement.
  • Guide fins fitted at bottom layer of distributor tray to ensure smooth entry of juice on the ligament area.
  • Long vertical tubes. (6 - 12 meters long, hence smaller diameter)
  • Baffle plates provided in the calandria for proper location of tubes.
  • Efficient steam distribution and adequate number of condensate and vent connections.
  • Higher evaporation rates.
  • Efficient internal / external centrifugal separator.

Product range: 900 m2 up to 7000 m2 heating surface area.

Configuration of evaporator station and bleeding scheme is selected to achieve steam consumption at 32% and lower.