Vacuum Pan

Continuous type Vacuum Pan

  • Straight plug flow pattern.
  • Optimum heating surface to volume ratio.
  • Floating calandria to have effective circulation and optimum circulation ratio of 1:1.
  • Optimum tube length to promote circulation and minimum hydrostatic head which minimizes boiling point elevation.
  • Multiple entry of steam / vapour.
  • Efficient use of low pressure vapours for pan-boiling and with steady consumption results in stabilised working of evaporators.
  • Steam and power saving.
  • The average steam / vapour demand per unit weight of massecuite is 0.4 - 0.45 against batch per demand of 0.6.
  • Steady evaporation reduces cooling water requirement resulting in lesser energy requirement of pumping when compared with batch pans.
  • Sufficient volume for tightening purpose up to 40%.
  • Improved exhaustion of mother liquor with high purity drops in the pans, results in the subsequent reduction of losses and improvement in Process house efficiency.
  • Production of better quality sugar in terms of uniform crystals size and improvement in colour.
  • Automation for feeding of grain, syrup and molasses.

Product range: 15 m3 up to 120 m3

Batch Type Vacuum Pan

  • Favourable correlation of heating surface and capacity.
  • Rapid boiling.
  • Uniform grain, free from conglomerations.
  • Large down take for rapid circulation and lower graining volume.
  • Uniform degree of super saturation.
  • Manually /pneumatically / hydraulically operated discharge valve of sturdy construction and amply sized for quick discharge.
  • Tangential double entry jacketed type calandria.
  • Effective feed distribution arrangement in bottom cone.
  • Boiling with bled vapours of low pressure and temperature thus contributing to steam saving.
  • Suitable for complete automation.
  • Mechanical circulator (Optional).

Configuration of pan station and bleeding scheme is selected to achieve steam consumption at 32% and lower.