We have an extensive experience in providing optimum and comprehensive technical solutions tailor made to customer requirements in mechanical, structural, civil, electrical and control and instrumentation fields.

We design customised solutions depending on our clients’ requirements of size, location, expected output, etc. We undertake design of critical systems involved in a plant. The other areas we cater to are process, construction and facility planning. This includes:

  • Layout engineering
  • Piping engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Process engineering
  • 3 D modelling
  • Equipment/ component design & validation via Finite Element Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation of critical process ducts, cyclones, heat exchangers, Furnaces, Burners for flow optimization, optimization in pressure drop
  • Particle simulation via Discrete Element Method simulation
  • Thermal simulation to assess and improve performance of an existing Steam Generator in a power plant
  • Assessing co firing of Biomass in existing steam generating plants

We have an extensive in-house design facility that works on upgradation of technology and incremental changes. Anything new we build is based on proven technology and equipment, making it safe, yet advanced. We use tested and proven technology, easily available to us by our parent company in Germany, thyssenkrupp Fordertechnik for advanced solutions.

When required, we also hire international design consultants for global projects. This gives us the expertise to design a plant, conforming to major international standards. Thus, we have projects worldwide, jointly with our parent company and individually.