Juice Heater


  • High velocity vertical tubular juice heater.
  • Dynamic type tubular juice heater.
  • Vapour line tubular juice heater.
  • Condensate tubular juice heater.
  • Duplex juice heaters.
  • Direct contact juice heaters.

Tubular Juice Heater

  • Multi-circulation compartments.
  • Efficient distribution of steam.
  • Cover plates provided with balancing device for ease in opening.
  • Leak proof passes for higher efficiency.
  • Interchangeability of operation.
  • Positive removal of condensate and noxious gases.
  • Adequate venting.
  • Direct Contact Juice Heater

    • Counter flow type.
    • Heating medium can be with bled vapours.
    • Suitable for heating with low pressure and temperature vapours.
    • Operation can be atomized.
    • Can be operated at pressure and under vacuum.

    Combination of juice heaters and bleeding scheme is selected to achieve steam consumption at 32% and lower.