Wagon Tipplers

Wagon Tipplers

thyssenkrupp manufactures a wide range of Tipplers, including Side Discharge Tipplers and Rotary Tipplers for railway wagons. These tipplers can handle wagons of various widths, heights and lengths as per revised RDSO G33 (Rev-1) guidelines.

thyssenkrupp Side Discharge Tipplers, available with both mechanical and hydraulic tippling drives, are capable for 25 tips per hour or more according to new RDSO design guidelines.

thyssenkrupp Single and Twin 'C' type rotary tipplers unload the wagons by turning them through 180 degrees. A hydraulic holding system secures the wagons from side and top during tipping process.

Advantages of Twin Wagon Tippler

  • Wagon unloading capacities are doubled
  • For a 25 Tips/ hr wagon tippler, 50 wagons will be unloaded in 1 hour, leading to a faster turn-around of Rakes

Transfer platform along with puller/ pusher/ side arm charger

thyssenkrupp Transfer Platforms, installed at the out-haul side of the wagons tippler complex, are ideal for compact railway yard layout and plants short of land.

These Transfer Platforms, along with puller/ pusher, help transfer empty wagons on a track parallel to the in-haul track, thus facilitating a rake of empty wagons to be formed which, in turn, saves a stretch of land equivalent to 700 M length of rail track. A perfect solutions for railway yard layout constraints/ scarcity of land by saving huge cost in development of railway yards.

Also available is a hydraulically or electro-mechanically operated side arm charger with positive rack and pinion mechanism. This proven design ensures accurate positioning of wagon on the tippler platform. thyssenkrupp's side arm chargers can handle fully loaded rake of 60 wagons.