Biomass Fired Boilers

thyssenkrupp Industries India offers vibrating grate boilers based on technology from Babcock & Wilcox Volund (B&W Volund) suitable for firing wide range of critical biomass fuels such as paddy straw, wheat straw, cane trash, napier grass, empty fruit bunch, palm kernel shell etc.

These boilers offer the distinctive advantage of firing 100 % or any combination of critical biomass fuels with boiler operation being suitable at higher pressure and temperature cycle leading to higher plant efficiencies. The boilers have inherent features for high thermal efficiency and trouble-free operation.


  • Steam generation capacity: 50 to 250 TPH.
  • Steam pressure: up to 110 bar.
  • Steam temperature: up to 540 Deg C.
  • Fuel firing System: vibrating grate (water cooled).
  • Fuels : Wide range of biomass/forest residue/agricultural residue.

Key Advantages

  • The boiler can be operated efficiently on 100 % or any combination of biomass fuels including critical fuels such paddy (rice) straw, wheat straw, cane crash, napier grass, empty fruit bunch, palm kernel shell etc.
  • Well suited for Higher pressure (up to 110 bar) and temperature (up to 540 Deg C) cycle.
  • State of art European technology.
  • High availability, low maintenance costs and a low consumption of spare parts.

Constructional Features

  • Water cooled furnace with 3/2 pass design.
  • Water cooled vibrating grate connected to the radiant part making it an evaporative surface.
  • Super heaters in radiant passes designed for slagging potential.
  • Robust feeding system includes equipment such as twin screw and tapering screw arrangements.