Continuous Centrifugal

Salient Features

  • All components of basket assembly are made from special quality stainless steel. A proper and simple screen clamping and locking arrangement is provided. A unique arrangement of rows of horizontal slits provided in the lower half of basket for efficient discharge of molasses. Besides this molasses discharged is also effected through annular space provided at top of basket
  • Bearing Assembly fitted with anti-friction roller and ball bearings. The oil mist lubrication system ensures effective lubrication, cooling of bearings and long trouble-free operation
  • Bearing housing and Basket assemblies are mounted in inner housing which is supported on uniformly distributed damping pads for proper isolation of vibrations. The large outer housing allows easy discharge of sugar. It is provided with sampling device and inspection doors
  • Massecuite Feeding Pipe - Centrally located jacketed pipe with steam, water and conditioned molasses connections, allows heating and/or conditioning of massecuite to increase purgibility.
  • Washing and Cleaning arrangement with specially designed nozzles provide spray water evenly on massecuite layer
  • Drive Unit is having TEFC electric motor, ā€˜Vā€™ belt, pulley arrangement with belt tension device and Control panel equipped with automatic star delta starter. An auto-feed control system dependent on power consumed by the driving motor can be provided on demand
  • Dry Sugar Discharge in T type Centrifugals. The dry sugar is discharged from the top edge of the basket and falls down on to the conveyor/mixer
  • Melting arrangement in N type Centrifugals is provided for melting of dry sugar. The sugar leaving the basket at high peripheral speed hits the housing and gets damaged and melted in suspended condition of hot water stream in melting chamber
  • Mixing arrangement in M type Centrifugals is provided for mixing dry sugar with water/syrup. The Centrifugal sugar leaving the basket gets mixed with water/syrup and flows over inclined trays to magma outlet and further to receiver with pumpto the pump receiver


  • Easy curing of massecuite of high viscosity, higher brix and higher crystal content.
  • Efficient drainage of run-off through horizontal slits
  • Auto regulation of feeding massecuite ensure uniformity of sugar, run-off quantity and loading of the Centrifugal
  • Centrally located feed pipe provided with hot water & steam jacket, for instant heating of low grade massecuite
  • Optimum water consumption facilitates precise control over quality and quantity of run-off
  • Large surrounding housing minimises crystal damage
  • No electrical current kick during operation


MODEL KC 1100 T/N/M KC 1350 T/N/M KC 1500 T/N/M
Diameter of basket (mm) 1100 1350 1500
Basket inclination (deg) 30/34 30/34 30/34
Basket speed (rpm) 2000/1800 1800/1650 1680/1540
Centrifuging effect (g) 2460/2000 2490/2100 2400/1990
Motor rating (kw) 55 90 110