Sugar Plant & Machinery

thyssenkrupp Industries India (tkII), has played a pivotal role in the growth and the development of the sugar industry in India. We are the largest manufacturers of sugar plant machinery and have successfully supplied and commissioned plants of varied capacities ranging from 800 TCD to 15,000 TCD Plus.

tkII has a proven track record of supplying turnkey plants and have till date successfully supplied and commissioned over 131 sugar plants and carried out major expansions including 543 mills, 4100 Continuous and Batch Centrifugal machines including export and 141 Boilers.

tkII has a proud tradition of innovation and ever since its inception has consistently broken new grounds and enriched the sugar industry with constant innovation and new sophisticated cutting edge technology.

tkII has developed and supplied large number of highly efficient Falling Film Evaporators for improved steam economy, Vertical Crystallizers, Batch Centrifugal machines from 750 kg/charge to 2250 kg/charge and Continuous Centrifugal machines of 1100,1350 and 1500 mm diameter respectively. tkII has supplied high efficiency milling plants with Grooved Roller Pressure Feeder (G.R.P.F.) and Toothed Roller Pressure Feeder (T.R.P.F.). tkII has also supplied fully automated Continuous pans incorporating salient features like steam and power saving, steady operation, improved exhaustion and power house efficiency leading to the production of better and uniform quality of sugar.

tkII went global in 1975 & ever since, the Company has never looked back and has exported full plants and other major equipments to more than 20 countries including Austria, Bangladesh, Burundi, Czech Republic, El-Salvador, Ecuador ,Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Mauritius, Malaysia, Nepal, Poland, Philippines, Rwanda , Russia , Spain, Senegal, Sudan, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine and Vietnam. tkII has been accepted as a reliable supplier of most modern machinery and has secured repeat orders even from the highly competitive European markets by strictly adhering to the most stringent EU standards and ISO Quality norms.