Batch (Discontinuous) Centrifugal


  • Centrifugal Basket is made of special high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel and is manufactured under very rigid controls and elaborate processes to ensure quality,safety and performance.. Fully machined basket ensure perfect concentricity and trouble freeoperation of the Centrifugal. Optimum number of drainage holes ensure efficient discharge of molasses and long working life of basket
  • Spindle is made from high grade forged steel and ground-finished all over. The special design eliminates stress concentration effects
  • Flexible Coupling and Bearing Suspension. The coupling is designed to allow gyratory movement of rotating basket. The floating bearing assembly, has a long and maintenance-free life because of its special robust design. Oil mist lubrication is provided to the bearings with safety features
  • Pneumatic Disc Type Brake of compact design is provided for emergency application besides normal regenerative electrical braking
  • Sugar Washing System has washing pipes fitted with specially designed nozzles to distribute the syrup / water evenly over the entire surface of sugar wall. This ensures minimum water consumption, high crystal yield and uniform washing of sugar
  • Pnuematic Plough Discharger of simple and compact construction is designed for ease of operation and maintenance.Plough blade firmly fastened with tension rings allow a wide range of settings for complete removal of sugar. An interlock is provided so that the discharger operates only at lowest speed
  • Pneumatic Bottom Discharge Valve is fitted at the bottom, leaving free space inside the basket. During operation the valve closes bottom opening of basket firmly. An interlock is provided to open valve only during discharge


  • Higher gravity factor ensures effective purging of massecuite, optimizes wash water consumption and run-off quantity
  • Special designs allow construction of lighter basket requiring lower driving power
  • Saving in power consumption due to energy efficient drives
  • Uniform and better quality sugar
  • Effective separation of heavy and light run-off molasses avoids circulation of sugar and helps in process balance
  • Elimination of steam drying increases crystal yield and reduces bagging temperature of sugar
  • Minimum space requirement and fully assembled machine construction hence lower installation time and costs.
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs, with lesser number of Centrifugals of higher capacity.
  • Compact construction allows replacement of machine of small capacity with higher capacity machine in similar space requirement.


MODEL KB 1000 KB 1250 KB 1500 KB 1750 KB 2250
Nominal Filling capacity (kg/charge) 1000 1250 1500 1750 2250
Basket inside Dia. (mm) 1220 1260 1350 1550 1720
Basket inside Height (mm) 1050 1050 1100 1160 1300
Spinning speed (rpm) 1450 1350 1250 1100 1020
Centrifuging effect (g) 1435 1285 1180 1050 1000