tkII’s ocean going shiploaders come in many different versions: long travelling with slewing and luffing jibs; radial travelling with a fixed pivot point; and in various other customised designs.

Shiploaders for inland waterway ships differ from those for sea-going ships only in their smaller dimensions and lower throughput rates.

Shiploaders with slewing and luffing booms are especially suited to terminals with short quays. The ability to slew, raise, lower and also telescope the boom and its feed belt means that the system can be matched to any size of ship and method of loading. The installation of such loaders on a finger pier where ships can quickly unload on both sides of the quay ensures even higher efficiency and economy.

Two of tkII’s state-of-the-art ship loaders of 4000 T/Hr. capacity are currently working in tandem at Pradip Port Trust, India – an example of advanced German technology combined with high quality Indian manufacturing.